Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sassy Ikebana Orchids

This post is long over due ... It's been almost a year since I have made a new post however I have been on the regular basis still doing my sassy arrangements.

This particular arrangement is one of my favorites and I actually created it over a year ago. When I showed it to my local florist from Flower Affairs, she told me that it was a Ikebana arrangement. I didn't really know it had a name or what that was exactly, she explained to me that it's a Japanese flower arrangement style. Of course as soon as I got home I researched it and learned all about it. This is by far one of my favorite styles and I will continue to use it in my sassy arrangements.

Definitely my favorite ... enjoy!

It contains orchids, horsetail bamboo, green trick, decorative grass and ti leaves all placed in an inexpensive vase bought at Ikea.

The leftovers ... I love to always make little extra sassy arrangements to put through the house matching my bigger arrangements.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lilac Love

This morning Soda (My dog) was my partner in crime ... We stole some pretty lilacs during our daily bike ride. I love this time of year when lilacs are blooming. Their smell is refreshing and it gives me a warm feeling. I love putting them on my bathroom and bedroom for a touch of prettiness and beautiful smell.

I made a small sassy lilac arrangement for my building care taker since she does such a good job .

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Orchids for My Fridge

As per usual I got lost in the flower section of my local grocery store and I found a great deal on a stem of yellow/green orchids. The stem was beautiful and had about 20 orchids for only $7.99. I couldn't leave without it. It was the perfect size for my fridge vase.

Originally I put the full stem in the vase with dried curly willow but the stem was too heavy. I left it hanging for a few days but later the top started to droop and it didn't look as good anymore. So I had a great idea to steal some of its flowers and break it up into more sassy arrangements. I removed eight flowers from the stem, some from the top and some from the bottom to keep the big stem even. With the eight stand alone flowers I created these cute little sassy arrangements. They look super cute on my kitchen island.   

Friday, 15 February 2013

Pink and Orange Lilies

Bright colored flowers can turn the mood in any room into fun and fresh. It's a great way to brighten up dark spaces. Here is a very simple arrangement that can brighten your day or home.

This sassy arrangement is made up of a brightly colored pink and orange lilies. They are very pretty and sassy. It also contains green trick, baby's breath and a few strips of grass. The vase is simple short drinking glass.

These lilies also look great on their own  on a small vase with some grass to sass them up.