Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hi there! I'm Heidy Valdes born in Habana, Cuba but have lived in Canada for 17 years. I absolutely love Canada and I'm proud to call it my home even though the Winters in Edmonton are hard to get through.

This is my first post so I'm going to try and keep it simple. I want to start by saying that flowers are one of my many passions. I love love love flowers. They are beautiful, they smell great, and they just bring a smile to my face. No matter where I am if there are flowers there you will find me lost looking through them. If you are ever grocery shopping with me and you lose me you can trust that you will find me in the flower section. Like I said I love all flowers but my favorites are orchids, there is just something exotic and interesting about them.  The come in all shapes and sizes, and colors. I also love to wear a flower in my hair when ever possible, I either steal them from my arrangements or from flower gardens (ssh don't tell anyone). My dad tells me that when I was little I used to make him steal flowers from gardens on our walk home from daycare. 

In the past year I've taken up flower arrangements as a hobby and I've enjoyed it so much that I decided to start a blog to share all my beautiful arrangements with the world. To start with I'd like to share some picture of past arrangements. In the future I'll start adding step by step instructions on new arrangements.


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