Friday, 27 July 2012

Orchids, Orchids, Orchids

Like I mentioned on my first post, orchids are my favorite flower. I think they are amazing on their own and they add a lot of dynamic and excitement to any arrangements. In this post I will be using dendrobiums orchids, they are small and delicate and have beautiful colors. They should also last up to three weeks or more if kept in a cooler room away from direct sunlight.

My boyfriend is selling his house and I've been helping him get it ready. Of course this meant an opportunity for me to create sassy arrangements to put around the house.


At Bunches you can get usually get a bouquet of assorted dendrobiums orchids and greenery for $14.99, or you can get just a stem for $4.99. In the bouquet you get five stems of orchids, one beautiful big leaf (sorry I don't know what kind it is) and some grass. I think it's a great deal because you can make a few arrangements with it. I divided the bouquet into three different arrangements. I did buy an extra stem of orchids as well so I could have two stems in each arrangement.

I made three different arrangements for a total of about $30, so that's about $10 dollars each. I think that's not too bad especially if you have a big house and want to add flowers to different rooms.

Bouquet of assorted orchids and greenery            $14.99
Single stem of orchids                                           $ 4.99
Tall hourglass vase (from dollorama)                    $ 2.00
Tall skinny vase (from Home Sense)                     $ 5.99
Smaller vase  (from Home Sense)                         $ 3.99
Tax at 5%                                                               $1.60

Total                                                                      $33.56

Putting the Arrangement Together 


I divided the orchids into three groups: white and soft pink, white with pink, and green and purple. I also divided the grass so they all got a few strands, and I included the big beautiful zebra looking leave with the green and purple since the colors looked so good together.

The white and soft pink create a relaxing mood so I placed those together in a small simple vase and put in the in washroom. This creates a relaxing and spa inspired room.

The white with pink center orchids I put in a tall hour glass because they have a beautiful and sophisticated look to them. I places the at about 45 % each so that they would play off the hourglass look. I placed them in a darker room on a table against the wall with books and a big Buddha painting. I think they gave the room a softer more feminine look and it enhanced the beauty of the painting.

 I had to put the colorful green and purple orchids in a big round vase at first because I didn't have all my vases with me. A few days later I went shopping near the house and bought a thin tall vase which I think worked a little bit better for the arrangements. I put the green and purple together since the green orchids come highlighted with a beautiful purple already that matched the full purple orchids. I think these two colors look so great together. I also added the big zebra leaf because the color went perfectly together. A colorful arrangement like this can look great in a kitchen, dinning table or any room you want to add color to. I just love the green and purple. 

The Finished Product


I had so much fun creating all three sassy arrangements and dressing up the house with them. It gave the house that extra edge for showings. 

The orchids were also great because when kept in cooler rooms away from direct sunlight will last a long time, up to three weeks or more. Two of these arrangements are still beautifully being displayed at Brian's house. Unfortunately it was too hot in one of the rooms so one of them didn't make it but I was still able to use the flowers that made it into different arrangements so they weren't wasted.

Adding a bath tray with a pretty small flower arrangement can add that spa relaxing look to any bathroom.

I love the white with pink highlight, it adds a soft and feminine look to any room.

I really like that triangle look you can create with orchids by angling them when placing them in a wide rim vase.

This beautiful green and purple orchids add an exotic bight look to any room.

The orchids shown in the bigger vase.

The orchids shown in the thinner vase. I think this displays them a little bit better, but both look pretty enough.

Looked great placed around earthy colors, an linear lines.


Left Over Flowers


Unfortunately our bedroom was too hot during the really hot week we had in July and the purple orchids started to look kind of droopy so I took them out of the vase. I took all the flowers off the stem and placed them in my little boat vase with some green mums I from a previous arrangement that were still alive.

 I love taking the flowers that are still alive from old arrangements and  creating something new and sassy with them. 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Cute Cube

This weekend my boyfriend's grandparents were visiting and we took them to the Muttart Conservatory, which is composed of four glass green house pyramids that are display beautiful gardens.

While visiting the gift shop I found the cutest little glass cube vase. I looked at the price and thought it was to expensive for such a tiny little thing. As I kept window shopping I couldn't stop thinking of all the cute little arrangements I could make so I circled back and picked it up. It had a label on it that said, so if you love it as much I do you can pick one up from there.

The day before I had bought a bouquet of assorted flower from sovey's while grocery shopping. I hadn't used the carnations that came with it yet and they were the perfect size and color for this little cube gem.

The little cute cube cost me about $ 8.74, but the flowers were left over from other arrangements I had made. The carnations came from a $14.99 bouquet, and the baby's breath was left over from the engagement gift I made for my little sister. I also used one single grass from a few I had left over. I cut it half to make two loops. The whole arrangement has an estimated cost of about $10. I do think the cube is a bit over priced for it's size but it just to darn cute.

Post on the other arrangements made will these flowers soon to follow.

Cube is about 2 inches tall and wide

Carnations from bouquet
of 6 different types
of flowers and greenery estimated at    $14.99/6 =  $  2.50

The amount of baby's breath and grass
is just too small to properly estimate the price
and they were both about a week old.

Cute cube vase  $8.74

Tax at 5%          $  0.56
Total of about   $11.80

Putting the arrangement together

Since the cube has a very tiny opening I added the water and flower crystals first, which I normally do last. I cut the carnations and buds of the stem and added them to the cube. I then added a small amount of baby's breath around the carnations. Then I finished it off with the grass loops made from on single grass cut in half.

The Finished Product

I had lots of fun making the cute cube into a sassy cube. It's looks great in any cute little locations. Would be great on a night stand beside your reading lamp.

Shown beside a normal sized book to show scale.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Engagement Gift

My sister got engaged on July 13 2012 and I wanted to congratulate her with a gift so I put together a romantic arrangement with red roses and greenery. I wanted to create something that had a wow factor and screamed love.

Nothing screams love more than red roses. I used three red roses sassed up with some greenery, ti leaves, baby's breath, and horse tail bamboo. Baby's breath always looks good with red roses, the white on red gives it a romantic look. I also really love horse tail bamboo, it's one of my favorite grasses to use. It has a very deep green with gray highlights and it gives any arrangement that special artistic look. It gives it height and dimension. The center heart is made out of a dyed grass or hay, I forgot the name it and I didn't write it down.

The roses and baby's breath were bought at safeway, ti leaves, horsetail bamboo and hay grass at Petals on the Trail. ( I was too far from bunches last weekend so I went to the closest flower shop I could find, and I was very happy that they had horsetail bamboo as not all flowers shop carry it). The envelope vase was bought at Home Sense, these are great for one sided arrangements. The lady at the Petals on Trail also gave me a piece of binding wire for free. You can buy binding wire are any craft store.
Envelope vase

The greenery: 3 small ti leaves, one big ti leave, 3 horsetail bamboo, and dyed green hay grass.

I spent a bit of more money than usual because it was for a gift but I still think it wasn't that expensive considering buying something like this at floral shop will range from $50-$75. The total was about $30.

Envelope vase              $9.99
3 Roses $2.99 each      $8.97
Baby's breath               $3.99     (there was a lot of baby's breath, I used the rest in other arrangements)
4 Ti leaves                   $2.00
3 horsetail bamboo      $1.50
Hay grass                    $2.55
Tax at 5%                    $1.43

Total                            $29.93

Putting the Arrangement together

I cut a bit off the stem from the big ti leave and placed it inside the vase to make the arrangement look clean. I then cut the stems of the other ti leaves. I rubbed them in my hands to make the warm so they could bend easier. Then I bend them in half and places them in the vase, the two black ti leaves on the sides and the green ti leave in the center.

I made a heart out of the hay grass by splitting it in half and bending each side then binding it to with the wire. Then I placed the heart in the center of the vase. 

I removed all the leaves from roses and cut the stems down to the proper size. Then I used the binding wire to bind them together. I wrapped the stems with one of the roses leaves in such a way that the wire pokes it just a little to keep it place. This hid the ugly wire underneath. Then places the roses in the middle in front of the heart.

I then cut a couple stems off the baby's breath and added them beside the roses.

I cut the horsetail bamboo in half at a seem, then I cut them the right sizes. This gave me a total of six pieces to work with. I then placed them around the arrangement to give it some height and dimension.

The Finished Product

I was very happy with the final product. I think it looked very romantic and beautiful. I do wish I had put the front of the arrangement against the side that had the full leave covering. When I first started it out the leave looked really nice but it shifted later and it didn't look as clean. I know for next time.

Congratulations to my beautiful little sister!