Monday, 23 July 2012

Cute Cube

This weekend my boyfriend's grandparents were visiting and we took them to the Muttart Conservatory, which is composed of four glass green house pyramids that are display beautiful gardens.

While visiting the gift shop I found the cutest little glass cube vase. I looked at the price and thought it was to expensive for such a tiny little thing. As I kept window shopping I couldn't stop thinking of all the cute little arrangements I could make so I circled back and picked it up. It had a label on it that said, so if you love it as much I do you can pick one up from there.

The day before I had bought a bouquet of assorted flower from sovey's while grocery shopping. I hadn't used the carnations that came with it yet and they were the perfect size and color for this little cube gem.

The little cute cube cost me about $ 8.74, but the flowers were left over from other arrangements I had made. The carnations came from a $14.99 bouquet, and the baby's breath was left over from the engagement gift I made for my little sister. I also used one single grass from a few I had left over. I cut it half to make two loops. The whole arrangement has an estimated cost of about $10. I do think the cube is a bit over priced for it's size but it just to darn cute.

Post on the other arrangements made will these flowers soon to follow.

Cube is about 2 inches tall and wide

Carnations from bouquet
of 6 different types
of flowers and greenery estimated at    $14.99/6 =  $  2.50

The amount of baby's breath and grass
is just too small to properly estimate the price
and they were both about a week old.

Cute cube vase  $8.74

Tax at 5%          $  0.56
Total of about   $11.80

Putting the arrangement together

Since the cube has a very tiny opening I added the water and flower crystals first, which I normally do last. I cut the carnations and buds of the stem and added them to the cube. I then added a small amount of baby's breath around the carnations. Then I finished it off with the grass loops made from on single grass cut in half.

The Finished Product

I had lots of fun making the cute cube into a sassy cube. It's looks great in any cute little locations. Would be great on a night stand beside your reading lamp.

Shown beside a normal sized book to show scale.

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