Thursday, 19 July 2012

Engagement Gift

My sister got engaged on July 13 2012 and I wanted to congratulate her with a gift so I put together a romantic arrangement with red roses and greenery. I wanted to create something that had a wow factor and screamed love.

Nothing screams love more than red roses. I used three red roses sassed up with some greenery, ti leaves, baby's breath, and horse tail bamboo. Baby's breath always looks good with red roses, the white on red gives it a romantic look. I also really love horse tail bamboo, it's one of my favorite grasses to use. It has a very deep green with gray highlights and it gives any arrangement that special artistic look. It gives it height and dimension. The center heart is made out of a dyed grass or hay, I forgot the name it and I didn't write it down.

The roses and baby's breath were bought at safeway, ti leaves, horsetail bamboo and hay grass at Petals on the Trail. ( I was too far from bunches last weekend so I went to the closest flower shop I could find, and I was very happy that they had horsetail bamboo as not all flowers shop carry it). The envelope vase was bought at Home Sense, these are great for one sided arrangements. The lady at the Petals on Trail also gave me a piece of binding wire for free. You can buy binding wire are any craft store.
Envelope vase

The greenery: 3 small ti leaves, one big ti leave, 3 horsetail bamboo, and dyed green hay grass.

I spent a bit of more money than usual because it was for a gift but I still think it wasn't that expensive considering buying something like this at floral shop will range from $50-$75. The total was about $30.

Envelope vase              $9.99
3 Roses $2.99 each      $8.97
Baby's breath               $3.99     (there was a lot of baby's breath, I used the rest in other arrangements)
4 Ti leaves                   $2.00
3 horsetail bamboo      $1.50
Hay grass                    $2.55
Tax at 5%                    $1.43

Total                            $29.93

Putting the Arrangement together

I cut a bit off the stem from the big ti leave and placed it inside the vase to make the arrangement look clean. I then cut the stems of the other ti leaves. I rubbed them in my hands to make the warm so they could bend easier. Then I bend them in half and places them in the vase, the two black ti leaves on the sides and the green ti leave in the center.

I made a heart out of the hay grass by splitting it in half and bending each side then binding it to with the wire. Then I placed the heart in the center of the vase. 

I removed all the leaves from roses and cut the stems down to the proper size. Then I used the binding wire to bind them together. I wrapped the stems with one of the roses leaves in such a way that the wire pokes it just a little to keep it place. This hid the ugly wire underneath. Then places the roses in the middle in front of the heart.

I then cut a couple stems off the baby's breath and added them beside the roses.

I cut the horsetail bamboo in half at a seem, then I cut them the right sizes. This gave me a total of six pieces to work with. I then placed them around the arrangement to give it some height and dimension.

The Finished Product

I was very happy with the final product. I think it looked very romantic and beautiful. I do wish I had put the front of the arrangement against the side that had the full leave covering. When I first started it out the leave looked really nice but it shifted later and it didn't look as clean. I know for next time.

Congratulations to my beautiful little sister!


  1. I loved them, I still have them at home on display. Thank you sis. :)

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