Monday, 9 July 2012

Simply Elegant

One of the most elegant flowers are calla lilies. They are beautiful without trying to hard. I also love how many different colors they come in. The flowers also last a very long time.

When ever I want to add a simple touch of elegance I create a simple calla lily flower arrangement sassed up with some ti leaves and grass. I chose to use the calla lilies on their own, with some greenery as accessory as I find this displays their beauty and makes them shine more. However calla lilies can be beautiful added to any flower arrangements. I've also chosen colorful calla lilies to add some color as well as elegance. I wanted to show that ivory calla lilies are not the only way to add elegance. Don't be afraid to sass up the your arrangements with some color.

Here I've created two very simple arrangements that will add elegance to any room.

In the arrangements you will find calla lilies, ti leaves and decorative grass. I really love the deep purple calla lily it's so beautiful just on it's own. I also love the black or red ti leaves, they can add a lot of drama to any arrangement. 

Black ti leaf

The purple calla lily, ti leaves and grass were bought at bunches. The red calla lilies were bought at safeway.

Square arrangement cost around $10, here is the break down:

Purple lily                                   $4.99
Light green ti leave bundle         $1.75
Thicker grass bundle                  $1.49
Square vase (from dollorama)    $2.00
Tax at 5%                                    $0.51

Total                                          $10.74

Tall round arrangement cost around $15, here is the break down:

3 red calla lilies bundle               $8.99
Red/Black ti leave                       $1.99
Thinner grass bundle                   $1.49
Tall thin vase (from dollorama)   $2.00
Tax at 5%                                    $0.72

Total                                           $15.19


Putting the arrangement together


To give the arrangement that clean and elegant look I like to wrap the inside of my vase with a ti leave. To this can be a little tricky, start by cutting the stem of the leaf. Next run your hands on the leaf to warm it up, this will make it easier to bend. Then hold the bottom of the leave with you thumb and index finger then wrap the rest of the leave around itself at a smaller diameter than the vase you are using. Once it is all wrapped in your hand hold it in place and put it at in the vase then let it go. With a vase that has a bigger diameter it is easier to do, you may have room to move the leave around so that it right at the edges of the vase.

For a vase with smaller diameter is a bit tricky to put the leave in, specially if it's a tall vase. What I do is that I put the wrapped up leave right at the top of the vase then push it down a bit with my fingers until most of it is inside the vase then I take a table knife and gently push the leave down the vase. You can position the knife so the it catches the spine of the leave and then push down, the leave should move down slowly. Be patient and take your time, the results are worth it. Also make sure to keep the vases empty, don't add the water until the end. 

After the wrapping leave is in place put in your calla lilies, add some grass or more ti leaves and walla you have simple elegant flower arrangement.

Don't forget to prepare your water with some flower crystals and add it to the arrangement. Calla lilies can last a very long time, I've had my lilies last for 3 weeks or more. However the stems do tend to rot faster than the flower dies so I only add a bit about of water. Just a couple of fingers should do, make sure to add fresh water as the weeks go by. You can also cut the bottom part of stem if it becomes to rot, this way your calla lilies should last about a month.


The Finished Product 




Usually flowers die before the greenery but as you can see this calla lily out lived the greenery.



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