Friday, 13 July 2012

A Splash of Red

While shopping for some furniture last weekend I saw these really pretty contemporary vases. I splurge a little bit on them but I really liked them. Usually I stick with cheap vases from the dollar store but it doesn't hurt splurge a bit once in a while, plus if I take care of them they should last forever.

Since the vases make a statement on their own I decided to show case them with a simple splash of red.

The mums are actually very bright red but it didn't show up on the picture.

The arrangement contains red mums and thin grass. The mums are from Safeway and the grass is from Bunches.

Like I mentioned earlier I splurged on the vases but the flower were still relatively inexpensive. The total was about $50, with the flowers only totaling about $7.

Tall vase                                                   $19.99
Short vase                                                 $24.99
Bundle of red big mums (5 flowers)        $4.99
Bundle of grass                                           $1.49
Tax at 5%                                                    $2.57

Total                                                           $54.03

Putting the Arrangement together

I took the two pretties flowers from the bundle of five. I removed all the leaves from the stem to clean up the look. Then I cut the stem at the height I wanted, about two to three fingers from the flower to the top the of the vase. I put the flower in the vase then added the grass by folding it into a loop. Some of the shorter grass with naturally fall out of the vase to give it that contemporary sassy look.

The Finished Product

I love the simple look of the finished product. It can be added to any contemporary room to give it a splash of color. I think the arrangement also show cases the vases beautifully without taking away from their prettiness. The simple flower with a little grass complements the vases very well.

I really wish I could have captured the real red of the flower in the pictures. I'm not much of a photographer.

Left Over Flowers

I had three mums left over from the bundle so I put them too good use as well. In this arrangement I added the left over mums, left over grass and some left over leaves I had from another arrangement. I think it's also very simple and cute. It can be added to any room in the house to add a splash of color.

The color of the flowers shows up a little better in this picture. You can see that they are a bright red with a tiny bit of white. They are very pretty, though I think they are artificially died as the water turned red after a few days.

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