Friday, 18 January 2013

Tiny Green Orchids. My favorite!

One of my favorite orchids is the tiny green and purple cymbidium. I buy bunches of it all the time because green is my favorite color and orchids are my favorite flower. I also love the purple highlights. The flowers come in a stem and I usually use the full stem in arrangements. As they get older the flowers start to fall off that's when I create my tiny little arrangements to put around the house. I love these flowers  because I usually get three weeks worth of arrangements and I get to have variety since I reuse them when they are old. They still looks super beautiful off the stem and can last up to a week like this.

Combined with cordyline rosebud leaves the purple in the green orchids really pops out.  This is one of my very favorite little sassy arrangements I've ever made. They are super cute, elegant and they fit anywhere in the house. 

I also have a few little white cymbidiums that fell of their stem. I paired these with the cordyline and some grass and put them in a shot glass (anything can be a vase, you just need some imagination)

Here you can see the vivid green of the orchids. I so love these so much. I put them in my tiny little cube featured in  cute cube post from July 23th 2012.

The cute cube is perfect for tiny sassy arrangements. It is 2 inches tall and wide and can be found at (not to be confused with The Chive)

Would you have guessed this was shot glass if I hadn't told you?

I love this shot.

For scale purpose. It's way tinier than it looks in the pictures. Super cute and Sassy.

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